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NTAdmin April 27, 2013 0

We are pleased to announce that William H. Felder III has joined the staff of Native Tongue Magazine.

William will be writing a column on health, fitness and nutrition. We had a vision to see that the truth be told about fitness & nutrition. The information he will be providing you with is the truth and some of the deepest secrets about the Body that some experts don’t want you to know.
Most trainers hate him because he will tell you the truth, and will never lead you wrong. This is why he is considered by his clients as the Best Personal Trainer in the World. I hope that you will look forward to reading the “truth about fitness”.
Visit William’s website to get the latest health tips and advice! 

William H. Felder IIIBest Personal Trainer in the World
To Be The Best, You Have To Train With The Best!Nobody Procrastinates Their Way To The Top!
Office: 760 Best-BOD

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